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Carol Rashawnna Williams

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Painting and drawing since she was 5 years old, Carol is a violinist of 20+ years and played the viola for 5 years. She is a Cultural Creative/Change Agent with a Masters degree from Antioch University, Seattle, WA. Her first spoken language was English while her first written language was German. Her MA in Organizational Systems Renewal allows her to assist companies and organizations in Organizational Development. Carol's specialization is Whole Systems Design in Leadership, and Cultural Competence. Carol also received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art Advanced Studio Work at The Evergreen State College and is currently working on her PhD in Executive Leadership with an emphasis in Arts in Education, Business and for Sustainable Initiatives.

Carol is particularly interested in Art as a Pro-Active Agent for Change in Education, Business and Environmental Stewardship. This entails finding common group solutions visually, analytically, auditory (through various learning styles) to challenges that need to be viewed from a holistic perspective. It also involves the art of facilitation; creating a sacred space to understanding collaboration as a process of phases, steps and seeds and utilizing art methodologies as a systemic tool for change. Carol believes that there are tools artists utilize often: Critique, design, collaboration, analysis and feedback which can be transferred directly to assist in solving most of the current issues faced by humanity. Her workshops are designed with these attributes built in and created from a Whole Systems Approach. Carol's belief is that art is intrinsically tied to systems theories; personal mastery, mental models, building shared vision, team learning, training leaders as designers/visionaries and as teachers or stewards of tomorrow for the generations of tomorrow. Art can be a tool to bridge divides in perspective, observation and belief systems. Carol believes art IS whole systems thinking IN ACTION and that all people have access to this knowledge, tools and awareness, they need only become aware of their strengths and then apply the learning.

Born in Topeka Kansas, she soon after moved to Germany where she was raised. In her teens Carol and her family settled in Tacoma, WA where she graduated from Mount Tahoma High School. Currently she resides in Seattle, WA. Her family is from Mississippi & Chicago, Ill. Her father was a retired Military Veteran who served 28 years in the United States Army. Her mother who has given nearly 30 years of community service is a long standing contributor to nearly all of the African American Churches in Tacoma, WA and was well known as a missionary for the hungry and homeless.

President Chair of the Classified Staff Advisory Committee, May 2011, Carol received 'Employee of the Year Award' for designing a visual professional staff development training model that touched on various learning styles, diversity and sustainable theology. As a Graduate second cohort member of the 2004 Artist Trust Edge, she has exhibited at Experience Music Project Museum, Seattle City Hall Gallery, Downtown Seattle US Bank, Northwest African American Museum, 3 time Seattle Center Sundiata exhibitor and has shown at the Kaplan Tashiro Artist Collective.

2010 Carol gained gallery representation by the Wiskstrom Brothers Gallery, owned and run by internationally recognized fine artist Brom Wikstrom and his brother William Wikstrom located at

As a Northwest artist her focus has been the incorporation of cultural awareness/ competency via symbolic images found in all cultures, continents & belief systems all while utilizing images of trees from the NW. Her work focus' on deciphering cultural mythologies, symbols, methodologies & the female deity to create new ideas, questions & concepts regarding convergent & divergent thinking, seeing & being. Her work has a whole systems approach (collective, interactive, adaptive, positive relationship building, viewing the whole as a system of related parts) & seeks to unify cultures. Carol's work urge you to re-evaluate what positivity, belief, hopefulness, faith and action mean to you. Her work is established in the context of analytical reflections, concepts & thinking.

Carol focuses the image so that the viewer is forced to evaluate for themselves the story. The bulk of her work can be viewed/hung in which ever direction you choose & tends to incorporate elements of sustainability,whether it be on, with or echoes of recycled materials.

Carol's work has been influenced by Miro, VanGough, Frida Khalo, Caravaggio, Michaelango, Picasso, Matisse, Basquat, Jacob Lawrence, Models of Change, Egyptian Hieroglyphs Artwork, Asian scrolls and ink work, African American Gee's Bend Quilters and Systems Theories Thinkers such as Fritof Capra, Russell Ackoff, Peter M Senge, Geoff Bellman, Don Swartz and Marget Wheatly. Carol's major musical influences have been Prince, Tracy Chapman, Billy Holiday, Sade, Zap Mama, Enya, Bach, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, Corinne Bailey Rae, Beethoven, the Gypsy Kings, Sting, Guns N Roses, Nirvana & Bob Marley.

Carol Rashawnna Williams work is inspired by many art forms: Renaissance, baroque, Miro and his philosophies on color. She has also been inspired by, puzzles and the concepts of spirit vs. religion. Carol is attracted to the circle, the square and the trinity or triangle and in many of her pieces she utilizes these basic traditional universal shapes, common to humanity to decipher paradigms, social justice issues and address trans-formative change on holistic scale as human beings, not separated by race, age or ism's. With a BA in Advanced Studio Art and Art History Carol's work incorporates traditional ideals about painting with contemporary 'flow' and forces the viewer into thinking. With a MA degree in Organizational Development/Organizational Systems Renewal Carol is fascinated by systems that govern and her paintings invoke a past, present and future reality that often touches on spirit, soul, power and struggle.

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